Reverse Osmosis

Treatment4Water supplies water treatment chemicals for the efficient operation of the reverse osmosis process. 

The efficient operation of the reverse osmosis process is subject to impure water passing freely across the membrane to produce pure product water. The process is vulnerable to build up of concentrated matter on the membrane surface, due to microbial fouling and insoluble scale. Effective chemical and mechanical treatments at stages throughout the reverse osmosis process will reduce the ability for these species to affect the output of the system, prolong the length of time in between off-line maintenance cleans, and extend the life of the membrane. Effective off-line cleaning is a vital function regarding the efficient operation of the membrane process.

Our SYN-RO product range below is designed to optimise the performance and longevity of the RO system.

Our team of experts are on hand to give valuable selection and application guidance for all our products.  Contact us for details of our own-label product range.

Product Guide: Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Chemicals



Dosing and Control

640-47:  All-Purpose Membrane Antiscalant 

Phosphonate blend prevents scale up to +2.6LSI

Dose rate calculated on our proprietary software

666:  Membrane Antiscalant – High Silica Waters 

Polymer blend prevents scale of high silica waters

Dose rate calculated on our proprietary software

650:  Specialized Membrane Antiscalant

Phosphino-carboxylic acid based product to prevent mineral scale deposits

Dose rate calculated on our proprietary software

660:  Acidic Membrane Cleaning Solution

28% Hydrochloric Acid for tough mineral scales

1-5% depending on scale

662:  Acidic Membrane Cleaning Solution 

Citric Acid for mineral scales and Iron deposits

1-5% depending on scale

664:  Alkaline Membrane Cleaning Solution

Proprietary blend of dispersants and alkanine agents to remove organic fouling

1-5% depending on scale

655:  Biocide for Membrane preservation

DBNPA: Non Oxidising Fast Acting Broad spectrum pH range up to 9.5

Dose offline to feed 25 – 50 mg/L

615:  Biocide for Membrane preservation

Iso-thiazolinones:  Non-Oxidising slow acting Broad Spectrum, non-ionic

Shot Dose 50 – 120mg/L based on system volume

690:  Sulphite Solution for Membrane preservation 

Liquid bisulphite solution for temporary membrane storage of up to 30 days

500 mg/L

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