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Treatment4Water provides a comprehensive range of formulated own-label products to treat all chilled and heating closed water systems from pre-commission cleaners to inhibitors and biocides. 

Our concentrated pre-commission cleaner is proven to suppress dissolved and total iron in closed systems between pre-commission cleaning, flushing, and filling with treated water.

Treatment of closed systems with our concentrated inhibitor products passivates metal surfaces extremely quickly, which is the key to arresting the oxidation of metal surfaces between flushing and filling of the system. This keeps iron levels below the stipulated maximums set out in the BISRIA guide:  Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems.

Our team of experts are on hand to give valuable selection and application guidance for all our products. Contact us for details of our own-label product range.

Product Guide: Industrial Cleaning Water Treatment Chemicals



Dosing and Control

801: Shower Head Cleaner

Descaling and sanitising agent with spent product indicator.  Legionella bacteria efficacy

1 Part SYN-CLENE 801 : 3 parts water

805: General Purpose Dispersant

Non Ionic Chlorine enhancer, Dispersant,  Biofilm, Mud, Oil &  Silt

50 – 1,000mg/L

857: Acid Cleaner

Phosphoric Acid, Non-Ionic wetting agent for stainless steel plate heat exchangers, plastic moulding units

Normal use level 1-3%  based on system volume

858: Acid Cleaner

Citric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, iron oxide sequestration

Normal use level  1-3%  based on system volume

870: Resin Cleaner

Alkaline Phosphonate

Use level 20 mg/kg salt used in regeneration

874: Pre-commission and Closed Circuit Cleaner Concentrate

Betain, Phosphonate, Polymer, Sequestrant

Normal use levels  0.5- 1.5% based on system volume

880: Inhibited Acid

28% Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid

Normal use levels  5-25% based on system volume

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