We offer the support you need to grow your business and client base:
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Key to our success is how and where we support your business. We focus on providing supporting services which enable you to retain existing customers, win new business and operate more efficiently.

At T4W we offer:

Pre-sales support

Our water doctors are on hand to assist you with key aspects of product application decisions.

Technical Backup

Where you need insight, guidance or assistance to resolve issues surrounding the treatment of a variety of water treatment applications, our technical backup team will be available for consultation


We have developed a fully-functional online ordering and site management system which allows you to seamlessly track all site-related activity 24/7, 365 days a year

Prediction Software

Understanding what chemicals and dose rates are applicable to different sites can be a daunting (and inexact) science. To remedy this, we have developed prediction software which takes the system and water analysis data from the specific water treatment plant you have and uses proprietary algorithms to calculate the right application regime and dosage levels

Our sole focus is the manufacture of industrial water treatment chemicals for supply exclusively to water treatment companies & OEMs – ask us about our “Non-Compete” guarantee.