SYN-CLENE 874 is a non-acidic high performance chemical cleaning product that effectively removes accumulated debris from heating/chilled water systems.


In many cases the primarily foulants present are corrosion products. SYN-CLENE 874 has been developed using proven chemical additives that offer many benefits in the cleaning process. An anionic wetting agent ensures the contaminated surfaces become hydrophilic, thus aiding access of surface cleaning additives to lift/loosen deposits from the surface. This activity in combination with selected dispersant polymers transfers the origin surface deposits into suspension, which, are readily removed during the final system flush period. SYN-CLENE 874 also has excellent chelating activity capable of converting Hematite (rust) into a water soluble iron complex, the more unreactive Magnetite is efficiently removed by dispersion. SYN-CLENE 874 contains corrosion inhibitors that give a very useful temporary protection benefit between the period of cleaning and the addition of the recommended system corrosion/alkaline scale inhibitor.


Dosage of SYN-CLENE 874 depends on the degree of iron oxide/debris fouling in the system. For pre-commission clean on new systems we recommend 2.5 litres/m3 , however, on older systems particularly if any corrosion debris is present we reccommend an increase of up to 10litres/m3 (i.e. 10mls/litre). Application range from 0.25%-1.0% v/v of system to be treated.