Own-Label Products

Portray your brand professionally with own-label chemical products:
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At T4W we appreciate it is vitally important that your branding is prominently placed across your products. With this in mind, we are entirely geared towards supplying labelled products solely featuring your name and logo where possible.


At T4W we provide our clients with unlimited access to up-to-date electronic copies of customer branded material, including:

• Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

• Customisable Product Data Sheets (PDS – sometimes named Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

With a combination of leading-edge SDS software and many years of chemistry knowledge and experience, we will always ensure that your datasheets are compliant with current legislation.

The Safety Data Sheets that we issue for our industrial water treatment products are delivered in your company details and are available online 24/7, 365 days a year.


We guarantee there will be no reference to us as a supplier or manufacturer of products where possible.

Our sole focus is the manufacture of industrial water treatment chemicals for supply exclusively to water treatment companies & OEMs – ask us about our “Non-Compete” guarantee.