Open Cooling & Biocides

Improve your open water cooling systems’ efficiency with our chemical treatments:
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T4W provides high quality proven formulations for the operation, efficiency and safety of open evaporative cooling systems. Our range of products combat the combined and inter-related issues of scale, corrosion, bio-fouling and suspended solids.

Formulations available to mitigate the challenges of operating open cooling water systems include:

• Corrosion inhibitors

• Scale inhibitors

• Multifunctional (scale and corrosion) inhibitors

• Dispersants

• Biocides (oxidizing and non-oxidizing)

Selection of suitable products for each application can be made either by consultation or by using our own prediction software which is available to all of our customers.

Our experienced team is available to assist you with appropriate selection of the above products. For your specific requirements contact us today.

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