Portal Now Accessible In The Field

T4W’s recently upgraded portal system is now fully mobile enabled, giving engineers access to all the benefits of our software when they are in the field.

Our portal technology is designed to provide each customer with bespoke software to automatically calculate dosing regimes for steam systems, heating and chilled water, open cooling and reverse osmosis and desalination systems.

It removes the need for long hand calculations, inserting the appropriate products at the recommended dose rates, therefore, eliminating human error.

Our secure system can now be accessed from any device around the clock in any location.

The portal also allows customers to place orders online, view order progress and download product documentation (SDS and PDS).

There is a comprehensive help system with supporting documentation and useful guides. The portal also enables engineers to set alerts when products are being over or under-used in relation to the contract forecast.

Feedback has been extremely positive but, of course, it goes without saying our chemists are always on hand to discuss specific site issues should the need arise in the future.

T4W Formulations Solve Closed System Issues

T4W’s high performance closed system formulations SYN-CLEANE 874 and TD52 are producing striking results in the field.
Cleaning formulation, SYN-CLEANE 874, removes more iron during the cleaning and flushing stages, while also laying down a temporary corrosion protector.
Our highly concentrated corrosion inhibitor TD52, with its increased speed of passivation rate, is then used to immediately lay down a permanent protection layer in the system.
This unique chemical combination has given dissolved and total iron counts significantly below the BISRIA guidelines 100% of the time in the field.
Our customers have found the low dose products (0.5% for 874 & 0.2% for TD52) to be a very cost effective solution to the dissolved and total iron issues previously experienced when using competitors’ products.
In the three years we have been using these chemicals, a reflush has never been carried out.
When using competitors’ traditional closed system cleaners and standard nitrite/molybdate inhibitors, many of our customers were not achieving the required suppression of iron causing them, in some cases, to have to repeat the work carried out at their cost.
However, our customers have repeatedly achieved iron levels considerably below the maximum permitted in accordance with the latest BISRIA guidelines.
This is achieved chemically by a combination of high performing chealating components in the 874 alongside its temporary corrosion protection function which passivates the metal surfaces prior to the addition of the molybdate inhibitor in the form of TD52. The high strength molybdate product passivates metal surfaces extremely quickly which is the key to arresting the oxidation of metal surfaces between flushing and filling of the system.